Farwell but not the end

This is Laura’s husband Eric and this will be the final entry to this blog I believe. Laura passed on March 28th, 2022 at 2:10am. I sat next to her and watched her take her final breath. The family held a Celebration on Life for her on April 21st, 2022.

It has taken me this long to process her life, our life together and her passing. I am still grieving her leaving and I will never be over the loss. Through all of this pain, anxiety and loss I had joy knowing that her suffering was coming to an end. That she would be in the presence of our Father in heaven. She would be around both sets of her grandparents that she missed everyday since they all had past. She would be with her earthly father James. She would not be alone there but be welcomed by a loving family that had been waiting for her. She would be wrapped in perfect love from our savior Jesus. She would be crowned as a daughter of the most high and be welcomed into Kingdom as a faithful servant. Her battle with cancer was difficult. It lasted 5 and a half years. During that time our love grew because it was that much more precious due to knowing it would end much sooner than we wanted. Life did not stop. We still worked, paid the bills and built a growing family. We took vacations and weekend trips more often. We had more family get togethers. We tried to do as much as possible for as long as possible because we knew the day would come when she wouldn’t be able to travel or enjoy visiting. That day did finally come. The last 2 weeks of her life she was surrounded by family and love. We talked to her until she couldn’t speak any longer. We held her hand and listened to music. We told stories and laughed at all the good times we had. When she became unresponsive we didn’t stop talking to her. She was still there but just couldn’t communicate. We continued to pray with her, talk to her and listen to music. For those that could be here we were able to say goodbye. I was able to hold her hand and kiss her as she left this world. I told her not to worry, or be afraid, that God was waiting for her and to go to Him. It has been several months now since she went to heaven. We all still miss her and are dealing with it in our own way. We all have shed lots and lots of tears but I have joy. It has never left me because I know where she went to. She is waiting for me and the rest of the family to join her. To return from where we all came from. Earth is just a pit stop on everyone journey. We are not of this world but from the heavens. It is from there we came from and that is where we shall return to. I know this blog has helped many who have been diagnosed with cancer. Laura shared her experiences, the good and the bad. I hope that my entry also helps those who are preparing for and have experienced the loss of a loved one. This blog will remain as a testament of Laura’s journey and her faithfulness during it. She never gave up on God and He didn’t give up on her. They did it together.

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  1. Thank you , Eric, for such beautiful words. I have prayed for all of you. Every time a cardnial lights on my fence, I say .”Hi, Laura!”. I 

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