Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year!!!!

Kicking 2020 in the butt out the door and welcoming 2021 with open arms! I got chemo yesterday and the results of my scans and it looks like this cancer is hating this new chemo cause it is kicking it’s ass!!!! My tumors everywhere are continuing to shrink and nothing new is growing! I get a brain scan in a couple of weeks to see if the brain radiation is continuing to work in the brain. Fingers crossed that I get good news there too!

I’m hoping for a better year this year. 2020 was rough. I had a year of radiation and chemo that ended me up in the hospital for a week…..BUT thank GOD I survived it! Eric lost his job due to COVID lay offs, which has been a blessing in disguise for me cause he’s been here to take care of me. We’ve been living off of his unemployment and my disability and our savings, but that is slowly burning out so we are praying he gets a job soon. He looks and applies everyday, but there is not much out there right now. Fingers crossed something shows up soon!

I’ve been blessed to watch one of my grandbabies grow up and know me. She’s my little angel and so much fun! It was hard not having any family get togethers this year due to Covid. But thank GOD we haven’t lost any family members to it. My youngest daughter had it, and my brother and his wife. But they all got through it! Whew! Scary!

I’m able to eat again on this chemo, I have saliva again so I can break down foods like bread and crackers even though those two things are still somewhat hard to break down, it’s better than before. So I’ve gained some of my weight back and have been maintaining between 118-120. My doctor’s are happy. I still get fluids twice a week which has helped me stay hydrated and peppy! My hair is finally growing back in. I’ve been using DoTerra’s Root to Tip hair serum daily and this is the thickest and fastest it has come in, in the 3 times that I’ve lost my hair.

So to sum it up…my body is responding well to this chemo. I still have the usual typical chemo symptoms…nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea, but the worst is the neuropathy, — changes in color, numbness, tingling, and pain in my hands and feet. That’s the worst BUT tolerable if the chemo is working.

Until next time….I pray you all are well and many blessings in the new year!

Much love, L.

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