Break from radiation

Hello! Yes, you read it right, I finally get a break from radiation! YYYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!

The brain MRI showed that the full brain radiation WORKED! The majority of the brain tumors either decreased in size, or remained stable! And NO new ones!!!! I was soooooo happy to know that the radiation that just about killed me was not done all in vain!

On the other hand…..the chemo I was on for the rest of my body has stopped working and the tumors in my lungs were growing and were coming together to form a big cluster that was blocking my airways. I had one in the upper left lobe and one in the right lower lobe. I could hardly breath. My lung Saturation rates were in the 80’s (oxygen time) to low 90’s. I was doing my breathing machine, (nebulizer) daily and strong cough meds. Then I was finally put on Prednisone which helped with the inflammation. My chemo was switched to a new and stronger chemo where I am on it for 2 weeks and then I get one week off. That chemo is the most toxic one. It’s an oral pill that I take 3 pills twice a day. I also take another oral pill where I take 2 pills twice a day everyday, no breaks. And last but not least I get a chemo infusion once every 3 weeks. The day I go in for the chemo infusion is the day I start the new cycle of the toxic chemo. They are all toxic, but the one I get a break from is the worst one.

The doctor was so happy that we got a lot of use out of the other chemo. Average is 7-8 months, I got about 18 months. This new chemo had good non progression rates in the chemo trials. The doctor was excited to see that after being on it for just 3-4 days, my breathing was already getting better! I started the 2nd cycle on Thursday. At first it took my body some time to get used to, it was rough. But I believe I’m starting to adjust being on it cause it’s getting more tolerable. Of course the pharmacist worked with me the first two weeks in getting to learn how to take the pre meds so I DON’T get sick. It’s a hell of a lot of medication I take daily…..but if it works…then I’ll do it!

My hair is growing back after losing it to brain radiation…’s stubbly and patchy.

Also, not sure if it’s from stopping the old chemo and/or the hydration from the fluids I now get 2 days a week, Butttt… I have Saliva!!!! I can eat foods again! Most foods anyways. I have about 80% saliva back. 🙂 My taste buds are still shot though. :/

I have a little more energy and am able to do lite chores again. Plus I have a new hobby called ‘Diamond Painting’. Look it up. It’s harder than it looks, but I’m getting the hang of it. It keeps me busy for sure and it’s so fun once you get the hang of it.

Well that’s the latest news. God bless everyone!