Been awhile….

Wow! Been almost 4 months since I’ve last blogged. With all that’s going on in the world it’s been hard to write about myself and what I’m going through compared to what those around me in this world are going though. The last time I wrote I was doing brain and liver radiation. Well here I go again! I just finished 4 treatments of whole brain radiation and have 6 treatments to go. Then 5 treatments to my liver for a new spot they found— last scans showed 11 more brain tumors and another spot on my liver. Lungs and bones remain stable.

This time they decided to do whole brain radiation versus the targeted one because the tumors are growing and spreading too fast in between scans. They are going to try to get a jump on things before they get worse. The whole brain radiation will kill active tumors plus any new ones that are starting. But it doesn’t come without side effects. I’ll lose my hair again and of course the fatigue. Also, they are going to try radiating around the area that holds my memories so that I don’t lose all my memories. My short term memory has already been affected from previous brain radiation and chemo.

My symptoms so far have been nausea/vomiting–(BAD), mild headaches on the left side of my head, I lose my balance, I have confusion, and if I bend over to get something I get dizzy and just about pass out when I get up. And I don’t want to speak too soon, but no hair loss as of yet, They say it usually starts towards the end of treatment, so we will see.. It’s affected my memory more, I have trouble doing simple math, and I’m losing my cognitive skills. My husband and I practice counting money and change. He ordered me some flash cards on different things to help me. And of course it’s affected my typing ability, my speech, thinking of the right words to say, etc..

I’m not driving right now, cause I don’t feel safe, but the doctor said that I’ll be able to drive again.

The fatigue as usual is BAD! I usually come home after treatment and go to sleep, I sleep about 4-5 hours, get up eat or drink an Ensure, shower, and go back to bed.

This last week was good because my husband was home with me to take care of me and keep me company. He was furloughed for a week, so even though it was good for me, it was bad for our finances. I think we’ll be ok though, pretty tight, but ok.

The girls, my mom, and my sister are taking turns on taking me to radiation in these up coming weeks. I thank GOD for the blessing of a supportive family.

I still try to stay home quarantined. Don’t want to catch Covid or anything else.

So, that’s my update. I’ll get scans again at the beginning of August!

Everyone take care and wear your mask!

L. 🙂

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