A Quick Update

Hello..popped on here to give a quick update. Finished brain radiation last Thursday and have been sleeping pretty much ever since! Ughhh THE FATIGUE sucks! I go in tomorrow for the ‘dry run’ of the liver radiation…that’s where they do a practice run without the actual radiation. Then I start the real thing on Monday…5 sessions for about 45 minutes a session which will go over 2 weeks. This time they put this black weighted piece of plastic from my neck to my knees…then they suck all the air out of it and it shrinks around my body and torso till I can’t stand it, so that I don’t move and my breathing is minimal. Once again TORTURE!!!! And yes, I’ll be taking Lorazapam for anxiety, but that will also help with the nausea and vomiting they tell me that it will cause. I have a driver for tomorrow, but I guess I’ll have to line more drivers over the next 2 weeks. I forgot how sick they told me that I’m going to get and the nausea and anti anxiety meds make me really sleepy. The brain radiation caused a lot of severe fatigue and memory loss. I feel like my memory is slowly getting worse and worse. I go for chemo next Thursday too, this ol body just can’t catch a break!

I’m still planning on staying quarantined from the public even though here in Texas they are slowly going to start opening up certain businesses again. It will probably be awhile before I trust to go out anywhere. I hope everyone stays safe and doesn’t rush going back out in public either. Take vitamins and immune boosters!

Love ya’ll! Goodnight!


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