It’s gonna be a longgg month of treatment.

My scan results came in this week. News was good and bad. Good news is the tumors on the bones are not showing any growth and there are no new spots on my bones. The ones in my lungs kind of equal out cause some have grown by a mm and some have shrunk by a mm and there are no new growths. There are 2 new spots in my liver so they are going to radiate those once they are done with the brain. I started brain radiation on Wed, they radiate one tumor at a time. Yesterday I had 2 done back to back so I had to lay on the table with that darn mask on for about 2 hours. SUCKED! The last 3 should be about an hour. UGH. I get the mapping with the CT’s and molds done for my liver on Monday after brain radiation. The CT on my lungs showed on Monday that the pneumonia has cleared up. Which I am very happy about!

My husband has started to slowly quarantine himself in the house. I guess someone that he works with, the babysitter of his kids has tested positive for the COVID-19. He has no direct contact with her and Eric has no direct contact with him. But still we are being careful. We are trying to decide as to how we are going to isolate each other from one another if one of us gets sick. I can’t very well go stay with anyone, cause none of us who goes out into public really knows if we have been exposed or not. I’m just going to have to pray really hard that I am protected from it, and if I do get it, that I will make it through it. Funny how I haven’t given much thought to the results of these scans, my main worry right now is the COVID-19!!

At least with the Cancer I feel like I have more time due to all the new treatments. But the COVID-19 is like a dark monster just waiting around the corner to jump out and devour me! I just hate how I’m hearing how it attacks your lungs. And I had chemo today, so my immune system is getting ready to go way down. Not to mention having the radiation at the same time. But all I can do, all any of us can do, is put it into Gods hands and pray for the best. I pray for all of my family and friends, especially those who are older or have compromised lungs or immune systems. And I pray that the young and strong fight this as best they can and get through it to carry on life. This Pandemic is horrific and beyond anything that any one of us could have imagined. But in an eerie way, as the world has seemed to come to a screeching halt, I’m seeing that a lot of the HATRED that we’ve had for one another for reasons unknown, other than we Hate each other for our differences. All that, for the most part, has come to a stop. And even though there are still some thieves and murderes out there, most people are coming together, showing kindness, and helping one another. Something that this world has been lacking. Maybe this is GODS way to slow us all down, to STOP, and smell the roses, to notice our neighbors. To realize how much we actually miss being around each other. Many of us are thankful to have social media just so that we can see each other and talk.

So forgive, if there is someone that you need to forgive. Call those that you haven’t spoken to for a awhile but have been wanting to call them. Tell those loved ones that you love them.

I know your probably thinking you won’t catch the COVID and it’s unfathomable that your loved one will to….BUT IT ONLY TAKES ONE LITTLE DROPLET FROM THE WRONG PERSON….AND YOU CAN BE DEAD IN DAYS. THIS IS NO JOKE. LOVE NOW, AND LOVE HARD. IT COULD BE YOUR VERY LAST CHANCE.

Prayers, Love and Kindess to all,


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