Hello. Hope everyone is staying at home and safe out there. Not anything different for me and many cancer patients on treatment. We always have to be pretty much quarantined to avoid any sick people since our immune system is low. Now everyone knows how it feels for us to not be able to go anywhere, and if you do, you have to wear a mask…even though I used to not do that, but now I do for sure. I get scans tomorrow and the results on Tuesday, but right now I think I’m more afraid of getting COVID-19 than my scan results. I’m just getting over pneumonia that I got from having a simple cold, much less getting a virus that attacks your respiratory system. I don’t think my lungs are strong enough to fight a virus like that. I’m pretty stuck at home for real now and not being around people, especially those that have any symptoms. My husband is still working which I’m thankful, but at the same time I PRAY he doesn’t catch the virus and bring it home. He would most likely survive if he got it, but I don’t think I would.

I know I don’t write much anymore. There is only so much a person with cancer can write about their journey with cancer. It gets repetitive cause it’s always the same…. Get scans, get results, then get treatment. And your always sick. And like I said before, you don’t really get to go anywhere anymore without being afraid of catching some virus.

The brain radiation I was supposed to get to kill the 6 new tumors was put on hold as was the chemo treatment until I got better and have no symptoms. So I guess I’ll be resuming treatment this week now that I’m all better. I’ve been on strong antibiotics and was treated at home instead of being put in the hospital, the doctor didn’t want to admit me with all the COVID-19 business. I have a nebulizer here at home that I’ve had to use to open my airways, and I have finally quit coughing up blood, that lasted for 4 days. The congestion I had in my nose and lungs is finally gone, and I’m feeling much better. I’m glad I wasn’t admitted into the hospital. I hate being in there.

So now, like everyone else, I’m just waiting for this COVID-19 to pass so that we can all get back to normal. I miss going to the park, movies, and out to eat. Spending time with family and friends…etc.

I miss having game night with all my kids, and I miss the one grand-baby that we have here close. Shes’ growing so fast and learning new things and I’m missing it. 😦 But my kids are afraid to come over with her just in case they have the COVID-19 and don’t know it. Here in Bastrop county we are not on shelter lock down like other counties around us, but everything is closed, even the parks.

I’m really glad as a nurse that I’m not working in a hospital right now. I have 2 daughter-in-laws that do. One works the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and the other works in ICU. They have said how they don’t have PPE (personal protective equipment) and one of my daughter-in-laws has had to buy her own. One of my nurse friends said she received a letter from the governor of New York asking if she could go up there and work, which she said she did not respond to. I haven’t received such a letter, but I couldn’t go even if I wanted to, which I wouldn’t. I wouldn’t want to go to New York even if there was no COVID-19 going on. It’s way too crowded for my taste. I prefer the quietness of country settings rather than big cities.

Well that’s about all I have for now. I’ll give an update once I get my scan results next week.

Ciao for now.