Feeling good!

I don’t have any new news to share tonight but I just feel like writing. I have had such a bright wonderful day today despite the rainy dreary day it has been all day. My spirits are high right now. I still have my brain scan to do at the end of Feb, but I’m feeling pretty confident that will be clear too. But for now, there is no radiation scheduled for the next 3 months. Yayyyyy!!!! I have had so much radiation I’m surprised I don’t glow in the dark! I’m not taking my good news for granted by any means because I know things can change at the next scan, but for now…I’m going to dwell in this moment. πŸ™‚ I still have chemo every three weeks, but I’m used to that now. My next set of body scans will be in another 3 months. That would be awesome if those are clear too! I know that I will never go into remission, but I can go into what is called NED which means No Evidence of Disease. That means that none of the tumors are showing active. I know that can happen to women with MBC cause I’ve heard of some women with MBC that have gotten to that point. Unfortunately even at that stage, chemo still continues every 3 weeks. Why? Because doctors are afraid if they stop the chemo the cancer will start up again. So no matter what, I will be doing chemo every 3 weeks for the rest of my life. And radiation as needed.

I had my eyes checked in Oct before the brain radiation and the glasses that I got do not work anymore already. So my Oncologist sent a note to my eye doctor and after talking to him too yesterday he decided he is going to redo my exam at no cost. I believe the brain radiation, not to mention all the chemo, has had an adverse effect on my vision. I am using my reading glasses to see far, and now the reading glasses are not strong enough to see close. :/ I must need some really stronger lenses now. I really cannot see at night anymore, so I have not been able to drive. I’m usually the night driver because my husband falls asleep driving after 8 PM especially if he has a full stomach. So until I get my eyes fixed we cannot go out late at night.

I didn’t try that new eating pill today. Just in case I do feel any side effects I want to take it when I’ll be home and not have to go anywhere or do anything important. Tomorrow my new puppy goes for shots and to get chipped, then Friday I go get my eyes checked. Both of those appts are in the morning so I may be able to take it in the afternoon. My doctor wants me to take it twice a day, in the morning and in the early afternoon. So we will see how it really works!

I have a room in front of the house that has a lot of clutter that I am going to clean out and make it a craft room where I can do my puzzles and any other kind of crafts I start getting into. I’m also going to start going to movies during the day. Movies that my husband doesn’t really care to see. We have a theater less than 10 minutes away and they have matinees all day during the day. I’m trying to think of things to keep me busy during the day so I’m not so bored. Too bad it’s not summertime, I could go to the YMCA swimming pool that is up the street at the Bastrop Park. I love to swim.

I’m hoping for a better year this year and so far it has started out as one. I know I am somewhat sickly during the 3 week cycle between chemos, but at least without radiation I am not as bad. And THAT is what I’m looking forward to over the next 3 months at least. πŸ™‚ Baby steps to healing.

I’ve been trying to think if there is anything that I have done different during these last 3 months to get such good scan results… I am on leave from work which has cut away the stress, I’ve been really sick and not eating which makes me do unintentional intermittent fasts which makes your cells eat up all the bad cells, and I have eaten more fruit roll ups, gummies, and rice krispy bars laced with THC. We all know THC works to kill cancer! And of course pray and keep the faith for healing. So I guess I will try to keep all these things going over the next 3 months and see what happens at the next scan. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading! Goodnight! πŸ™‚