Good News!

I’m happy to blog tonight that my scan results came back showing no new spots, some shrinkage of the spots that I have and the spots in my bones are showing less active. There is no increase in growth on the spot in my liver…so no radiation yet. I AM SOOOOO HAPPY!!!! What a GREAT way to start off the New Year!!!! Plus there is a new drug that just got approved by the FDA for the kind of cancer that I have called,,,Enhertu. I was told that this will be the next drug that I get on after this treatment stops working instead of the 2 chemo pills that was the next line of defense. Of course it comes with it’s own set of side effects, but it has shown to be 60% effective in stopping progressions and shrinking tumors. I don’t just start it now because it is a stronger chemo, and with stronger chemos come more serious side effects. Hair loss being one of them. I was hoping I wouldn’t lose my hair again, (I don’t want to go out of this world bald) but it looks like I will end up going out of this world the way that I came in, BALD. Oh well…I’ll gladly take the exchange for living longer! But for now I am really glad that this chemo that I’m on is still working. So I am excited about all this news. I did talk about some of the symptoms that I have been having like vision changes, comprehension and processing of questions, memory loss and weight loss due to no appetite. The doctor said with all these new meds coming out and people with cancer are living longer than before, they can only throw pills at them. And he doesn’t like throwing more pills at me than I’m already taking, and neither do the other doctors, so they are telling patients if they can, to learn to cope with the symptoms. He says that is one of the downfalls to living longer with these chemo drugs….are the side effects. He did give me a new pill for my appetite called Marinol that is a synthetic of THC that supposedly only gives you the munchies without all the other side effects. So we will see how that works. I have lost over 20 pounds in the last 6 months and before that I had already lost another 20 plus pounds. I had needed to lose a little weight, and I would still like to lose a little more, but unfortunately I’m not losing weight the correct way so I am losing muscle mass as well which has made me really weak and thin looking. Sickly. I can’t help losing weight. I’m so sick all the time, have literally no appetite, and sometimes when I do eat, it comes right back up! So hopefully that Marinol works for me and drinking Ensure and homemade smoothies on a more regular basis will at least help maintain my weight. I’m also going to start taking my puppy for short walks for exercise and I’m still trying to start up yoga. I just need the energy to do this stuff.

I miss the structure of daily routines like when I used to work. But my sister suggested to set my alarm in the morning, get up have coffee and breakfast, and get into a regular routine of doing things. Exercise, reading, doing puzzles, drawing/coloring, organizing my rooms, drawers, etc…find things to do that I can put into a regular routine and set times for those, then move on to the next thing. Great idea! I have my alarm set for 10 AM everyday. If I wake up earlier than that, so be it.

Well that’s all my news for now. Goodnight! 🙂

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