Done with radiation…onward with the chemo!

Finished radiation yesterday, did my 2nd infinite chemo today. The radiation will continue to work in my body for 4-6 weeks with it peaking in 1-2 weeks. My esophagus is hurting when I eat which is one of the side effects of radiating the T-11 (Thoracic 11 spine)…inflammation of the esophagus. It hurts when I swallow food so I have to eat soft foods and liquids for the next 2 weeks as they told me the symptoms would get worse before they get better as the radiation peaks. 😦 Good news is my back pain is just about all gone. πŸ™‚ I am to expect the same symptoms as last time that I did chemo and radiation together…major fatigue, diarrhea, and nausea/vomiting. We are hoping the symptoms will be better once the radiation is out of my body and I am only doing chemo by itself….which will be by the 3rd and 4th treatments. Then I’ll know how I am really going to be doing on the new regimen. I get scans again in 5 weeks so we can see how all these new treatments worked. Fingers crossed…nothing will be new and the old will be going away!!!! Nothing but hopeful here!

I have the best cancer treatment team and Oncology nurses! They have all been with me going on 3 years. There have been some changes, but luckily there is not a big turn over there…so all the doctors, nurses, techs, etc… remain the same and you get to know all of these people seeing them all the time. I go to a small town Texas Oncology Center in Bastrop. Sometimes I have to go to the big one in Austin, (which is an hour away) but for the most part I am blessed to be able to go here in my little town. Radiation is in Austin, but chemo is here in town, less than a 10 minute drive from my home. My Oncologist works at both locations. The hospital is next door if there are any emergencies. (Convenient. In Austin the hospital is right across the street too. I guess they need to have a hospital close to their locations just in case of emergencies.) My whole treatment time with labs, seeing the doctor and the infusion is looking to be like 3- 1/2 to 4 hours. Basically 1/2 a day. Longer than I was expecting to be there…but I guess I should know by now to expect long times at the infusion center on infusion days. So far so good. I just mainly feel tired. Been chilling and watching movies this afternoon from the Red Box. I would love to go swimming and spend some time in the sun…but there is no swimming for 3 days after accessing the port and no swimming for 2 weeks after radiation. That is what they told me yesterday…ooops! I went swimming on Saturday. lol and I shouldn’t have. But I felt fine. Sun and radiation don’t mix. Nothing happened that I can see anyways. Maybe that is why my esophagus started hurting worse…hmmmm….sun intensifies the radiation in the body. BUT I HAD A BLAST!!!

My son Conner and his 2 boys came for the weekend to visit. (Conner lives in Virginia now) We had a great time. They love having sleep overs at grandma and grandpas house. They have little tents they put up in the front room and love to “camp out”. We took them to the park and the pool on Saturday so Grandma HAD TO SWIM with them. It was a good time. I love playing grandma. I packed them a cooler with PBJ sandwiches and Cheetos, and melon… the BEST lunch for swimming! lol

On Friday all the kids came over to hang out with Conner and the boys and I made a big batch of chili and cornbread. It was deeelish! We had a good long weekend with family and it was soooo nice!

This weekend the chemo will peak and I am due to go to my daughters baby shower on Saturday. I am sooo hoping I’m not doing to bad. I don’t have to do anything but show up. But still. I hate when I have to do something or be somewhere when I’m not feeling well and I just have to suck it up and do it! Like NIKE….JUST DO IT! There has been a lot of that these past 3 years, but what the hell…I just tell myself I’m still here and I’m alive…so suck it up Buttercup and Just Do It! UGH….and I do. Some call it being strong…I call it stubbornly living. I refuse to give in to this disease and let it get me down. I know it will eventually beat me… but not anytime soon if I can help it! I go back to work next week…people tell me that I should take more time off due to chemo, but I can’t. Not that work won’t allow me to take the time off, but mentally and physically I NEED to get back to my normal routine. I’ve been gone long enough. Right now I can continue pretty much where I left off, with too much time off, I have to have refresher training and I feel like have to start all over again. Blah on that! So I would rather much go back sooner than later. I know I will most likely be retiring earlier than I had normally anticipated, but even that is a ways off…I’m hoping. So I take advantage of being able to work whilst I still can!

Sooooo just keep doing what your doing and LIVE LIVE LIVE and LOVE LIFE! It’s the ONLY ONE YOU GOT! :)—-and if you have to…SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP and JUST DO IT…LIKE NIKE!

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  1. Sis! I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for you! Love you tons!
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