Just another quick update..I’m feeling a little better. Radiation makes me really fatigued and nauseas. But I feel better from the chemo at least. The back pain at the T-11 where the tumor is in my spine is getting better and I haven’t had much pain anymore. So that means the radiation is working. I see the radiation doctor tomorrow, I see him weekly while getting radiation. I have 3 more treatments left. And hopefully I’ll be done with radiation for a long long while. They are closed on Thursday for the 4th so my last treatment will be next Monday.

Chemo unfortunately will go on every 3 weeks…it seems to make me sick for about a week after before I start feeling better. Just as long as I do my anti nausea and anti diarrhea meds and get sleep I do ok. And boy do I sleep ALOT! It makes me feel like I have the flu with the body aches and all. Ugh.

Tomorrow is July 3rd and marks the one year anniversary of when I found out the cancer had metastasized to my sternum and both lungs. A lot has happened in the last year. We downsized our home and moved out of our family home where we would entertain and hold all the family functions. We had a pool that I miss dearly. Especially in this hot weather. Our life has calmed down a lot and become more simple. My life now revolves around this illness since it seems to keep spreading. I’m hoping this chemo will keep it from progressing any further. And I pray for a CURE in the meant time.

My husband remains my rock through this all and I have the best family and friends ever!! My middle daughter is getting ready to have her first baby and I am just so excited about this new little life! I will finally have a grandchild who is of my bloodline. Who will finally have some characteristics of me and my bloodline. I’m soooo excited! I have 8 grandchildren from my husbands side of kids…but none look at all like me. lol This one will finally have some resemblance!

I still have so much to live and fight for…babies are being born right and left… My stepdaughter is having her 3rd baby a month after Jenny has hers. Both will be girls. Then my brother in law is having his 3rd baby too. His wife is newly pregnant. And who knows..my step son may have some more babies with his girlfriend now that she is graduated from nursing school. They moved up to Virginia together and are coming to visit this weekend. He has 2 boys from a previous marriage. I have two other stepsons who both have kids and you never know….lol

We love getting calls telling us we are going to have another grandchild. I always dreamed of having a HUGE family when I was younger and now that has come into fruition. I just love big families! Getting us all together is the challenge though. Everyone lives all over the United States. Thank God for Social media and Face-time.

Fight Fight Fight….that is my motto/mantra. Never give in, and NEVER give up!