So I went to the Doctor…

Hello, and welcome to my blog.

On good ‘ol Sept. 8th 2016 I was diagnosed with stage 2A ER+ Her 2+ Grade 3 Infiltrating, (invasive), Ductal Carcinoma — AKA…Breast Cancer. My world changed in the beat of a heart. I had gone for my annual mammogram at 51 years of age, no breast cancer ran in my family, so I was never too worried. But when they pressed the plates down on my left breast and blood squirted out all over I knew something was wrong. The look on the technician’s face was priceless. I could tell this had never happened to her before. She quickly excused herself to go “talk to the Doctor” and left me there with blood all over my gown and handed me tissues to clean up. My worst fear had come true-my boob had ‘popped’ under the pressure of those plates!

I was called into the Radiologists office and they showed me the masses within my left breast. There were two. Things started to move fast. They called my OB/GYN on the spot and told him, and a biopsy was scheduled before I even left the office. I remember sitting there thinking…this is not how they show it in the movies, F Hollywood and their Lifetime stories! My husband should’ve been there with me and the doctor should’ve given us the news together. But nope! On the drive home my OB/GYN called me. It was after hours and he called me personally, so I knew it was serious. He told me it didn’t look good. And it wasn’t.

So now come the tears, anger, denial, the why’s and how’s, and the woe is me!

It couldn’t be true. Breast cancer didn’t run in my family. I didn’t feel sick, I felt fine. I had no pain. No drainage. Felt no lumps. HOW??!!! Why is this happening to me?? Why was God letting this happen to me??? My youngest daughter was a Senior in high school, and I had to see her graduate and be there for her! How would I tell my husband and my kids? My family?? My Boss and work?? Ohhhh how I remember that day! The day the sky actually fell down on me. I went home, sat outside on the swing with my husband and we both just cried. He was strong for the both of us and offered encouraging words…but nothing could console me.